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Island Market has been a long time coming. Brittany and Morgan have spent most of their adult lives chasing the best surf around the world. Food is the 2nd thing always on a surfer’s mind, so after riding world-class waves all day, we always make a point to find the best foods on offer wherever we are.


Island Market is the culmination of our love for food and the experiences we have had finding and enjoying it.


On our menu, you will find healthy options from places like Brazil, Mexico, and Hawaii, ll made with fresh and whole ingredients, no processed junk. All of our menu items have a story behind them so don’t be shy to ask. We love sharing the stories of our travels and how we came to love each of our recipes.

Island Market est. 2017 is an evolution of our love for food. So come on down to Port Aransas, Texas on a delicious and unique culinary journey through the foods that kept us in the water, on the road, and loving life!

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